Visa Information

Border Measures

From September 7th, Japan's border measures have been relaxed.
Please find the details below:
Make sure that you check which border measured apply to you.

Depending on the color category of the country your traveling from , if you have been vaccinated for 3 doses, you do not need to obtain a PCR test and negative certificate within 72 hours before departure.
However, it is necessary to be vaccinated with a vaccine that is recognized by the Japanese government, so please check the details again in advance.

“Fast Track” is a way to handle some quarantine procedures before you enter Japan from overseas, using MySOS Web online or the MySOS app on a smartphone.
Please follow the screen instructions to complete the questionnaire, register your Pledge, and submit your vaccination certificate or if you do not have a vaccine certificate you will need to provide a test certificate for a test taken less than 72 hours before your flight departure.
Please go to the website below for a detailed explanation of what is needed of you:

Visa Information

Currently, entry into Japan is limited to business purposes only, and all foreign nationals are required to apply for a visa.

Before we can start the visa applicant registration process, please complete the registration on the TISLR14 website here.

First the conference organizer must register you as a visa applicant to the Japanese government, so please send the following information to the secretariat. When the information has been received, we will proceed with the necessary procedures, and you will be sent Acceptance Certificate that you need for your visa application.

Necessary information for application for receipt issuance

  • Passport information. (Please send a copy of the page with your passport number and date of birth to
  • Accommodation information during your stay in Japan (Hotel name, address and phone number / Acquaintance's name, home address, phone number, etc.)
  • Date of entry and date of departure to and from Japan.
  • Place of visa application (for example, Consulate-General of Japan in Boston)
  • Affiliation (University/Institution/Company/School)
  • Title (Professor/Assistant/Student and so on)

Please note that this procedure will not grant you a visa for entry, you will have to apply for that at your countries’ Japanese embassy or consulate after the Acceptance Certificate has been issued.
For details on the visa application procedure, please check the website of your Japanese embassy, consulate or contact us directly.